A Strong Commitment to the Environment with Every Project

Steelbras maintains a strong commitment to reducing waste and our carbon footprint on every construction job we design and build. We take our commitment to green building very seriously and believe this focus on construction sustainability is our way to contribute to improving the health of our environment.

The methods and materials we use make us a “Green Builder" :
  • Light gauge steel, used in our building frames, has a lifetime of over 100 years, and it generates no waste on the building sites.
  • • Our Low-E® insulation is made from recycled plastic. Waste plastic can take hundreds of years to break down. Low-E® insulation provides superior energy efficiency while also re-using recyclable material.
  • • We use fiber cement walls which are made of natural materials, are non-toxic, and are very durable. Fiber cement has less environmental impact when being manufactured as opposed to other materials.
  • Modular construction produces less waste than traditional construction methods.