Helping to Build a New Brazil

Steelbras is a consortium of builders and engineers with over twenty years of worldwide experience who have joined together to build a broad range of residential and commercial projects in Brazil.

Our experience includes major projects in the U.S.A., Canada, Middle East, and Israel to name a few, from hotels and commercials buildings to single-family homes and apartment buildings.

Today, Steelbras is changing the landscape of Brazil by building public and private projects using modular construction methods. Steelbras builds single-family homes and apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels, and office buildings, from low-rise to high-rise structures.

As our Steelbras name signifies, we use light gauge steel and other high-quality construction materials to construct buildings using modular construction techniques. By using these methods, completion time is significantly less than that of traditional methods, saving our clients valuable financial resources.

In fact, the total time for on-site installation for a typical house is only a few hours with our modular construction techniques. Hotels and apartment buildings that usually take two to three years to complete with traditional methods can be completed within one year with modular construction methods.