Low-E®  Insulation

Low-E® Insulation Provides Energy Efficiency, Saves Energy Costs, Sustainability

Steelbras buildings are built using Low-E® insulation. This insulation inhibits all types of heat transfer so that buildings maintain the same temperature inside despite changing weather outside, and thereby reduces energy use. It also provides soundproofing.

This patented insulation is a superior air infiltration barrier made of a foam core that is heat-laminated to foil or polyethylene facings. There are no flammable adhesives used in this process. The Low-E® insulation prohibits condensation from occurring in its core, it maintains its shape, and provides a superior seal that confers greater insulation for the building envelope by reflecting, or blocking, up to 97% of radiant heat. It is non-toxic and easy to install on all structures.

In fact, Low-E® insulation was used in the White House in Washington, D.C. when that historic building was renovated; it was chosen for the same reasons we use it—economy, energy efficiency, sustainability.

Benefits of Low-E® insulation:

  • • Reflects up to 97% radiant heat.
  • • Stops three types of heat transfer—convection, conduction, radiation.
  • • Protects against vapor and sound.
    Produced from non-toxic material.
  • • Delivers increased energy savings through greater energy efficiency.
  • • Easy to install, lightweight, does not irritate the skin as many traditional insulations do.
  • • In tests, maintains 21°C degrees inside when outside temperature is 54°C degrees.

Learn more about this energy-efficient insulation in this video: