Our Diverse Management Team Combines Strong Experience in Engineering, Construction, Real Estate, Technology.

Steelbras is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals from the engineering, construction, and technology management industries. Our management team possesses a breadth of functional experience in starting and running businesses as well as in product development, emerging products/technologies, and strategic partnering.  Our organization is customer-oriented and technologically proficient, which helps us in our work to efficiently manage costs and employee productivity.



Lennox Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO Co-Founder and CEO

Lennox Lewis

has more than 15 years of senior-executive-level experience in managing multimillion-dollar companies. For eight years he owned and operated a successful information technology company which he sold in 2003. Within the last seven years, Mr. Lewis gained valuable team management and project management experience in the real estate industry as the owner and operator of an international real estate development company.  This company built projects in the USA and the Caribbean. He is highly skilled in developing a concept into a product or service.

Mr. Lewis saw the opportunity to apply his experience and industry relationships to bring superior quality, affordable construction techniques to Brazil; he came to the country in 2009 to start Steelbras. Through his strong business relationships with other professionals in the construction and real estate development fields, Mr. Lewis is guiding Steelbras to become the leader in modular construction and make modular construction the construction method of choice throughout South America. He holds a masters degree in engineering from Cornell University.