Light Gauge Steel Frame

Light Gauge Steel: Durable and Sustainable for Structures of any Size

Light gauge steel is a modern, durable building material that Steelbras uses for the core structure of each building, from popular houses to luxury condominiums, high-rise hotels to hospitals. Depending on the height of the building we use a combination of light and heavy gauge steel.  Steel is the material of choice because of its many advantages over other building materials. It is strong, lightweight, and 100% recyclable; it can be used in an extensive range of applications, weather conditions, and geography.



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The use of light gauge steel and fiber cement are not new building materials to Brazil, however they are currently used in high-end commercial and residential projects. Steelbras is using these superior building materials in all of its projects from popular house to luxury hotels.

Benefits of Steel Frames:
  • • Highest strength-to-weight ratio of traditional building materials.
  • • Does not corrode from water or acid rain; does not rust.
  • • Pest- and insect-resistant (termites) so no pesticides or toxic preservatives are required. 
  • • Does not contribute to mold or produce volatile organic compounds, safe for all individuals who are sensitive to organic materials.
  • • Weather-resistant over the long term; does not bend, chip, crack, or warp due to changing seasons or temperatures. This means better alignment and precision during installation of modular components.
  • • Non-combustible, does not burn in fire.
  • • Stands up better to weather-related or geologic hazards such as heavy snow, high winds, or earthquakes.
  • • Low maintenance which saves money over time.